Maritime Kitchen Party and Historical Evening

Traditionally, many ‘visits’ in Nova Scotia culminated with guests gathering in the kitchen of the host’s home for an experience of music, fine food and good company – so get ready for some down-home Maritime hospitality! Halifax is a seaport that knows how to entertain folks from out of town. And with its stunning views of Halifax Harbour, Pier 21 is the perfect venue to celebrate and experience the best of Maritime food, culture, and history!

Tuesday evening’s ‘Kitchen Party’ will feature spectacular food, drink and local entertainment that will be sure to keep you on the dance floor all night! There is no charge to attend this very special event, but please sign up early as space is limited.

For many Canadians, Pier 21 was their introduction to a new country. They came seeking adventure, employment and greater opportunities for their children. Many newcomers were happy just to be off their ship after a long and harrowing crossing over the Atlantic Ocean. Nervous and excited at the same time, no matter how much they had heard about Canada, no one knew exactly what awaited them . . . only that it was a second chance, a new opportunity. For better or for worse, all immigrants remember the moment they stepped into the shed at Pier 21 and knew for certain that they were not in Europe anymore.

The “Historical” portion of the evening will allow you to follow in the footsteps of the 1.5 million immigrants and Canadian military service personnel who passed through Pier 21 between 1928 and 1971. In the Rudolph P. Bratty Exhibition Hall, exhibits will be open to provide you with the opportunity to discover our nation’s rich multicultural history. Explore Canadian stories of immigration and nation building through interactive exhibits, multimedia presentations and activities.

For more information on Pier 21, please visit www.pier21.ca. If you are interested in researching your own immigration history to see if your relatives may have come through Pier 21, please fill out and return this research form. A Pier 21 staff member will be in touch with you once the research has been competed.

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